Impaired Driver Programs

Certification Training Center

Providing Education and Information, to Individuals, Courts, Probation & DMV.....One Person at a Time

465 E. Tremont Ave., Bronx NY 10457


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AEP is a 12.5-hour educational program. 

COST $325
  • We work closely with courts, parole, probation, & attorneys
  • We use the Court Approved Curriculum from the: Change Companies
  • This is not to be confused with the Impaired Driver Program (IDP) under the NYS DMV 16 Hour Program. We also conduct the IDP.

Participants engage in interactive journal writing, personal growth, while examine attitudes, thinking and behavior. Participants learn about the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Participants learn to develop a plan of action to change behavior. Participants are expected to attend four out of five sessions and pass the post-course test to successfully complete the program. 

If it is determined that the individual is in need of treatment for alcohol dependence, he or she will be referred to an OASAS-licensed alcohol treatment program or other supportive services.

Curriculum Includes:

  • Why Am I Here? invites participants to explore their arrest experiences and how they can make positive changes to their driving behavior. The Journal includes self-monitoring charts to track use and driving behavior.
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs, Driving and You examines common myths about alcohol and other drug use. Participants learn about BAC and its impact on driving in addition to other drugs and their effect on the body and the ability to drive.

  • In Use, Misuse and Problem Use, participants explore different relationships to substances, including nonuse, responsible use, misuse and problem use and evaluate their own relationships with substances. They then consider changes they can make to their substance use to avoid impaired driving.
  • Feelings and Behavior explores how events can lead to self-talk, which leads to feelings, which ultimately lead to behavior. Participants explore making responsible choices at every step in this chain to avoid driving impaired.